Dear All
We have following new original Wartsila NohabWN 25 spares:

Main bearing set:10 set
Big end Bearing Set:50 set
Trust Bearing set:16 set
Piston ring set:50 set
Fuel pump complete( Bosch PFICV 220):20 pcs
Nozzle Bosch :18 pcs
Con rod compNew:5 pcs
Lub oil pump complete new:1 pc
Cyl head gasket set:60 set
Piston new/Mahle G5:4 pcs
Cyl liner/ new:3 pcs
Cam shaft piece:3 pcs
Cyl liner oring:250 pcs
Cyl head repair kit:3 set ( with exh- inlet valves/ roto caps/ inlet exh guides/ inlet -exh seats)
Cooling water repair kit:6 set
Vibration damper repair kit:2 set



Pls contact us for more info and price offer.

Kemal Kansu
Managing Director

Depa Marine Ltd.
E mail:kerem@
Tel. : +90 216 447 52 65 / 66
Fax. : +90 216 447 52 64
Mobile: +90 533 328 28 45

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