Dear Sir
Our company supply the spare parts of diesel engine with competitive price as following:

6PS-18, PS-18, 6PS-20, PS-20, 6PS-22, PS-22, 6PS-26, PS-26, 6PSHT-26H, 6PSHTB-26H, 6PSHTb-26H , 6PSHTc-26H, 6PSHTd-26H, 6PSHT-26D, 6PSHTB-26D, 6PSHTb-26D, 6PSHTc-26D 8PSHTB-26D 8PSHTC-26D 6PS-26H PS-22D 6PS-22D 6PSHTCM-26H PSHT-26H 6PSHTDM-26H 8PSHTC-26H 8PSHTD-26H 6DS-19A 8PSHTD-26H PS-26H 6PS-26D 8PSHTD-26D PS-26D 8PSHT-26D DL-22 DL-19 DL-20 6DLM-28 8DL-28 6DLM-32 8DLM-28 DL-32 DL-28 DLM-26 DLM-22 DLM-24 6DLM-26 6DLM-24 DL-26 DL-24 6DLM-22 DLM-20 6DLM-20 6DLB-20 DLB-20 DL-16 6DL-19 DK-28 8DK-28 5DK-26 DK-26 8DKM-20 6DKM-20 DKM-20 6DK-20 3DK-20 DS-26 DS-22 6DS-26A 6DSM-18A DSM-18A DS-32 DSD-22 DS-20 PS-22 PS-18 DS-18 PS-26E PKTB-16 12VS-26 PL-24

8PS-26H, 8PS-26D, VS-26,6PS-30, 6PKT-16, 6PKT-18, 6DS-18, 6DS-18A, 6DSb-18A, 6DS-19A,6DS-20, 6DS-22, 6DSM-22, 6DSD-22,6DS-26, 6DS-28, 6DS-32, 6DL-14, 6DL-16, 5DK-20, 6DKB-20,8DK-20,6DK-26,6DK-28,6DL-19, 6DL-20, 6DL-22, 6DL-24, 6DL-26, 6DL-28,6DL-32,6PL-24, VS-24 DK-20

YANMAR ZL-UT Z280L-EN Z280L-UT Z280-SN Z280A-EN Z280-EX Z280L-UN Z280L-ET Z280L-GN Z280A-GN Z280-SN Z280-SX Z280L-UX Z280L-ST Z280A-GN Z280-EN Z270A-GN Z270A-GN Z280-ET Z280-ST N330-N 8N330-EN 6N330-EN 6HAL-HTN HAL 6HAL-TN 6HAL-DTN 6HAL-N T260 T240 T220-ET T220AL-UT T220L-UT T220L T220AL-UT Z280A-ET T220-ST T220-UT T220L-SY 6RAL-DT 6RL-DT 6RAL-HT 6RL-HT 6RA-HT 6RAL-T RAL 6RL 6R-T 6R S165L-UN S165-SN S165-EN S165-ST S165-ET S165L-HT S165L-HT S165-HN S165L-DT S165-ST S165-T S165 S165AL-ST S165AL-ASTS165L-DN S165L-T S165-UT S165-ET S165-T S165(L) M220L M220 M220A M220(A)(L) M200AL-ST M200AL-ET M200AL-UT M200L-ST M200AL-DT M200L-ET M200L-UT M200L-UT M200-DT M200(L) M200 6UHL-ET 6UHL-UT LUAL-ET 6UAL-ET 6UAL-UT 6U-ST 6UAL-UT 6UL-ST 6UHL-ST 6UA-ST 6UAL-ST 6UL-ET 6UA-UT 6UL-UT 6U-UT G250L-ET 6GAL-ET 6GAL-ST 6GAL-DT 6GL-ET 6GL-UT 6GL-ST 6GL-HT 6GAL-UT G250-ET 6GL-DT 6GA-ET G250-ET 6G-UT 6G-ET 6G-ST 6G-DT S185-UT S185AL-ST S185AL-ET S185-ET S185-ST S185AL-UT 6MAL-HTS 6MAL-HT 6MA 6ML-HTS 6M-HTS 6M-T 6ML 6ML-HT 6MA-HTS 6MA-HT 6M 6MAL-T 6MAL 6MAL 6ML-H 6M-HT 6ML-T 6ML 6KDL 6KFL-UT 6HAL-DTN 6HAL-TN 6HAL-N 6CHL-DTN 6KL-HT 6HAL-HTN 6CHL-HTN 6AL-HTD

GV23.5/33, 12V40/54, 12V40/54A, VV40/54, VV52/55(A), KZ52/90N, KAL16/24, L23/30, L28/32H, L32/40, KZ57/80F, KZ60/105E, KZ70/120E, KZ70/125BL, KZ78/155, KZ86/160, L40/54, L20/27, T23HH, T23LH, TH23LH, L55GF, L67GF, L80GF, L67GBE, L35MC, L42MC, L50MC, L60MC, L70MC, L80MC, L90MC, K45GF, K67GF, K80GF, K90GF, S35MC, S50MC, S60MC, S70MC, S80MC, S90MC, 50VT, 74VT, 84VT, K62EF, K74EF, K84EF, S45HU, S35MC, S42MC

MITSUBISHI:SJ-700, SJ-2000, SJ-3000, SJ-4000, SJ-6000, SJ-8000, SJ-10T SJ-11T SJ-15T SJ-16T SJ-20T,SJ-10F SJ-15F SJ-30F,SJ-10G SJ-20G SJ-30G

ALFA-LAVAL:MAB103, MAB104, MAB204, MAB205, MAB206, MAB207, MAB209, MAPX204, MAPX205, MAPX207, MAPX210, MAPX309, MOPX205, MOPX207, MOPX213, MOPX309, MOPX310, MB1714-60, MB1700C, WHPX405, WHPX407, WHPX409, WHPX410, WHPX513, MMPX303, MMPX304, FOPX607, FOPX609, FOPX613, FOPX610, WHPX510TGD-20/24G, WHPX505TGD-20/29C

Hope receiving your enquiry

Best regards
Hu Jiayan

Tel.: 0086-22-26410161
mobile phone: +8613802100214
skype: russel_7502


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