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This is Cherry from WTAU company—producing the monitoring indicator for marine cranes.

We WTAU company focuses on the monitoring indicator for marine cranes with high quality and competitive price.

We would like to offer to you as below:

1. Offshore crane load moment indicator system
2. Offshore crane intelligent anti-collision system
3. winch/windlass/towing anchor loading system
4. cement tank loading system
5. Offshore CCTV monitorin system
6. Marine crane oil pressure monitoring system
7. Offshore Crane Crack Monitoring System
8. Marine crane automatic lubrication system
9. On-line monitoring system for wire ropes of marine cranes

if you have requirements of crane lmi system, pls advise us your crane model &capacity & load chart

for further communication Or just contact by Whatsapp/wechat:+86-15507209968

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Cherry Duan

Weite Technologies Co. Ltd
Global Onshore and Offshore Crane Safe Protection Solution Provider!
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Products & Service :
Load monitoring system for both onshore&offshore cranes| Anchor winch|Cement tank|Pipe layer
Load sensor| Angle sensor|Length sensor|A2B limit switch|Anemometer |Data logger

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